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I’m sorry many subscribers recently received notices of the “account suspended”.  I have no idea WHY these mailings went out after my webhost briefly suspended ALL my sites because one old archived blog was hacked.

The GOOD news:  These notices reminded me that I need to migrate the CreditSuit blog to the WordPress software as the Expression Engine software completely crashed and even their paid support could not get it working again.  I’m currently looking for someone to import all the old blogs and comments into WordPress.

In the meantime, I am starting this NEW WordPress blog about my own litigation against creditors and debt buyers and my clients’ battles with credit bureaus and creditors.

As you may know, I also have several credit related blogs at Liars & Cheats Exposed.

My case against debt buyer Acarta in the Arizona court of appeals and last week I received notice that the appeals court ruled in my favor on several issues:

In February I prevailed against debt buyer Midland Funding as the court granted my cross motion for summary judgment because the SOL was expired.

However, the court had previously dismissed my counterclaims and denied my motion for leave to amend my answer and counterclaims, so I appealed this decision.

I am hoping that I will find the time to submit a formal complaint to the AZ judiciary committee and the AG because it is one of the worst states to be in with respect to debt collection compliance enforcement.  The judges are totally corrupt and the regulators do NOTHING.

Obviously I’m extremely busy.

Aside from my litigation I’m also working with several clients.  One client recently sued Dell because it refused to settle his old chargeoff and you can read more at

Another client asked me to get her the best rate to refi. Incredibly, 15 year loans are available under 3% with all closing costs paid by the lender.

A long-time client recently emailed that he was served with a lawsuit for old medical debts.

A client has the infamous Equifax fictitious lates and I plan to submit my complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau because I once again documented that myFICO STILL rates the Equifax chargeoff reporting as LATE PAYMENTS.  I first documented this FICO software bug in 2007:

I hope to soon have time to set up a theme and add some functionality to this blog and I will make an effort to post regularly.