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Another GREAT appeals court ruling.  From the NCLC news:

Debt Buyer’s Unsubstantiated Collection Action Violates the FDCPA

by Jon Sheldon
NCLC eReports, August 2013, No. 9
Debt Collection

Royal Financial Group, LLC v. Perkins, 2013 WL 449343 (Mo. Ct. App. Aug. 20, 2013), finds various aspects of a debt buyer’s collection lawsuit to be Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) violations. The only information the debt buyer had was the consumer’s name, an account number, the name Chase Manhattan Bank, and a dollar amount. The debt buyer also had a boilerplate credit card agreement with no indication of a link to the consumer.

I think this article requires a NCLC subscription and if you are involved in pro se FDCPA litigation, the NCLC FDCPA book is MUST HAVE and it comes with a subscription to the NCLC e-reports.

The appeals court’s ruling.

I will get the filings from this appeals court decision and I will post them in the soon to be opened pro se credit litigation forum.

The fact pattern mirrors the Midland Funding lawsuit against me (dismissed for expired SOL) and I’m now in federal court after I sued Midland and Bursey & Associates for FDCPA violations. Much more on that soon.