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My CFPB complaint about the Equifax refusal to provide my free annual report

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time, but the litigation against Midland Funding, Midland Credit Management and its attorneys has taken up an enormous amount of my time.  Today I’ve been working on my reply in support of my motion to amend my complaint to add violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and to join Equifax as it verified incorrect data for the Midland accounts in response to my disputes.

In July and September I disputed the Midland accounts online at the Equifax site.   Today I wanted to see whether they finally corrected the reporting and I wanted to dispute again if they did not correct, but Equifax would not allow me to review or dispute the accounts:


I can’t wait to see what information supposedly did not match their records.

Here is my complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

Unable to get my credit report or credit score: Problem getting my free annual report

First I attempted to dispute at the Equifax website.  TWICE Equifax provided me with security questions which I answered CORRECTLY, but Equifax claimed that “The information you provided does not match our records so we are unable to process your request online.”

I tried two more times, but I no longer received the security questions and I got the FALSE statement that my information does not match its records.

I then attempted to get my free annual credit report which Equifax had declined to provide on several previous occasions.  Again, Equifax FALSELY claimed that my information does not match its records.

I do not wish to receive my credit reports by snail mail as the post office does NOT deliver to my house (I reside in the desert) and snail mail is frequently misdelivered.  I want my credit information online because it is SECURE.

I greatly appreciate your assistance as I need to review the information on my Equifax report.

I received an emailed acknowledgment of my complaint and then this update:

We’ve sent your complaint to the company for a response.
We will let you know when the company responds. The response should include the steps they took, or will take, in response to your complaint.
You should receive a status update within the next 15 days.
You can track the status of your complaint at:

Of course I will update with the outcome of my CFPB complaint.  It sure was easy to submit the complaint and you can upload supporting information and edit the info before submitting the complaint.  I’m currently awaiting an email to set up a password so that I can check the status of my complaint online.

Here you can submit YOUR complaints:

Of course I plan to also submit my complaint about Midland and MCM to the CFPB, but it will be MUCH longer and I want to focus on their filing of lawsuits for time-barred debts, submission of unauthenticated documents and misrepresentations to the court, their attorneys’ violations of court rules, etc. etc. etc.

It will be a LONG complaint, after I upload all court filings and attorney communications.  Ultimately I hope to have the FDCPA changed.  I know, it may not happen, but I’m sick and tired of having to waste my life on responding to scum sucking bottom feeding lawyers’ lies to the courts.  You can’t imagine the attorneys’ deception and misrepresentation and we should really have a CONSUMER COURT where consumers can actually find justice because the judges ENFORCE THE RULES and attorney lies to the court are PROHIBITED and come with automatic sanctions.

I also think that every time the CFPB determines that a creditor, credit bureau, etc. violated the law, they should have to pay $500 with half to the CFPB for its work and half to the consumer. THAT would really make a difference and put the credit bureaus and creditors/collectors back in line.

Right now they’re so incredibly arrogant, Midland / MCM didn’t even correct their reporting after over a year in court!

If I seem aggravated, it’s because I’m tired, it’s now midnight, I’ve been working on my court filings all day and now I can’t even see what Midland / MCM report to Equifax. I sure wish the entire financial system would implode.

WHY do people put up with this bullshit?

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  1. I had a chapter 7 bankruptcy discharged in August 2013. When I tried to access my Equifax report I repeatedly failed the answers to my own security questions–and the set of questions were different each time! When I sent an electronic response about not being able to access my annual free credit report they never responded. There had been inaccurate info (an address in Chicago that I never had) on the Equifax report the previous year when I originally filed for bankruptcy, but I was afraid to dispute it since I was filing for bankruptcy (didn’t want to do anything that might interfere with the bankruptcy). I have since moved and had to rent a home in Florida. The realtor ran my credit reports and said Transunion had my score at 633 but Equifax had it in the mid 300’s! I am still unable to access my Equifax report. I have since written a letter–still no response. How can they do this? Are there other attorneys who are pushing these unfair practices or is there any other way to litigate when I am broke and just emerging from bankruptcy?

    • Maria, first of all, I don’t think it’s possible to have a score in the mid 300s and your realtor needs to give you COPIES of the reports he obtained.

      But of course you should also be able to get your complete Equifax report free of charge as required by law. Unfortunately, most consumer attorneys are only in it for the money and it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find an attorney to sue for you.

      So I strongly recommend that you submit your complaint to the CFPB, just like I did. You might even include the link to this post in your complaint.

      I hope you saw my post with updates at and Equifax has NOT yet responded to my latest submission. If they don’t do so soon, I’ll simply submit another complaint to the CFPB and I will DEMAND ACTION against Equifax.

      I know that that they often deny the free reports because they rather have people pay, but it will likely take MANY consumer complaints for the CFPB to actually DO something.

      Please do update here, I’ll be glad to help you with the CFPB complaint and let me know whether you got the realtor’s report.

  2. I haven’t been provided a free annual credit report from Equifax since late 2012 since they suggested I didn’t answer their security questions correctly. I have PDF versions of my report from years 2006 onward; I know what’s in their files as far as details.

    To be fair, I could get my free report by mailing them copies of my social security card and driver’s license. Because, you know, that’s real safe stuff to send though the postal service. I figure it’s safer to just monitor the other two CRAs than to send those things to them, so I don’t mail them identification, but it annoys me that they blatantly disregard federal law.

  3. I totally agree with you, it’s NOT a good idea to mail personal info such as copies of drivers licenses and social security cards.

    And it’s also not a good idea to send credit reports through the mail, especially to the MILLIONS of people who share housing with strangers.

    I recently served Equifax with my complaint and will hopefully soon have time to post the lawsuit.

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