Fighting Midland Funding & Bursey & Associates since 2013 in federal court pro se!

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ALL my claims against Midland Funding and the Bursey Defendants would have LONG been dismissed if I didn’t have the FANTASTIC FDCPA and FCRA resource from the National Consumer Law Center.

EVERYTHING is online, searchable, and it’s the best money I’ve ever spent on litigation.

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NCLC Publications on The Daily Show
NCLC attorney Persis Yu describes how “student loan debt can follow a borrower to the grave” in a segment on America’s student loan debt crisis on The Daily Show on Thursday, July 25. Watch the clip, featuring titles from NCLC’s Consumer Law Practice Series, here.

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Also, I’ve been meaning to update here and there’s LOTS to come as we head for jury trial.

Unfortunately I’ve had enormous internet problems and just sued Frontier for simply CANCELING my repair tickets.

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