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Attorney Buchinger with Dickinson Wright in Phoenix represents the Bursey defendants, Bursey & Associates PC, president and attorney Jason LeRoy, attorney Barry Bursey, attorney Monica Derrick and paralegal Gina Scalese.

Ms. Buchinger also asked for a discovery extension and as with Midland / MCM, I agreed if she had the 9/16 discovery cutoff moved back accordingly. She emailed HER responses by the 9/3 deadline to respond to my discovery requests. And unlike Midland / MCM, I actually got a few meaningful responses. But I also got some very RIDICULOUS objections — to be addressed next week.

I’ll start with the redactions on the documents about the justice court litigation and the fact that she failed to have her clients sign and verify the interrogatories.


Dear Ms. Buchinger,

Are there exceptions to the Rule 33 requirements?

> (3) Answering Each Interrogatory. Each interrogatory must, to the
> extent it is not objected to, be answered separately and fully in writing under oath.

With regards to many of your objections, I’m not sure yet how to proceed and I’m very tired right now. Will you be my witness at trial with respect to these discovery responses that appear to have been answered by you instead of the defendants?

You had requested an extension for your clients’ responses. Is this your way of getting extra time so your clients could recover from their fun filled Labor Day activities?

I noticed the countless redactions in the Bursey litigation printouts. Is there classified information in the Bursey justice court litigation notes?

Please advise,

Christine Baker

I’m going to post all the discovery docs when I’m not so tired … Last night I worked on this crap till 2 am, going through a ream of paper printing all this crap. Today I finally got the Midland / MCM discovery OBJECTIONS (not a single response) — see my previous post.