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At 17:24 pm Carson & Messer emailed the supplements and aside from the documents relating to the purchase of the account, it’s more objections and absurd denials. Well, I haven’t read everything yet, but scanned the responses and had a look at the documents they provided.

Several issues I noticed right away:

  • The documents are NOT Bates or in any other way numbered.
  • The documents are NOT identified.
  • Aside from the account statements, I can’t tell which account most docs pertain to.
  • The Midland Funding / HSBC purchase agreements are heavily redacted and the redactions are not identified.

I uploaded the Midland Funding and Midland Credit Management admissions (denials) and responses to my interrogatories (mostly objections).

I’ll have to go through the documents they provided and I will post them once I sorted them out and I have to make sure I redact my personal info.

Notably, Midland attorney Kaminski had my personal info emailed to several people. The last four digits of my SSN, my DOB, address and phone numbers. That’s enough data to cause enormous damages. I recently changed my address, so please don’t snail mail.

I sure wonder what that redacted data in their docs is.

And it’s after midnight again, time to pay some bills …